Roxys dream is to create a world in which we can talk openly and without shame or guilt about everything sex – from our secret perverted kinks to rape. from female orgasm to cheating. from open relationships to paraphilias.

I have a mission, which is to change how we view, discuss and pursue sex. I want us to overcome old-fashioned and out-dated ideas that have conditioned us to feel ashamed about our sexuality and limited us as in how far we explore it.
It us up to you and me to create a world in which we accept each other’s ideas, desires and emotions. If we learn to be honest and drop that toxic shame we have adopted from society and our parents – I believe we will have better and stronger relationships, with ourselves and others!

If we don’t talk about controversial topics, and if we don’t form new ideas concerning our sexuality – we will continue being a society that is sexually frustrated. Couples continue lying to and cheating on each other, many women don’t know how to find pleasure and sexual fulfilment and men believe they shouldn’t talk about or admit their urges. I believe it is not only ok but necessary to talk about all these things – we are human, which means we’re sexual deviants, perverts, animals and highly evolved beings searching for love and connection – all at once.

The Latest Truth:

Abortion (part 2)

Abortion (Part 2) (Read part 1 here if you haven’t already) The decision: I’m usually quite a rational and logical person. I love to debate and tend to disconnect myself or even disrespect my opponent the moment they become emotional. I inherited this horrible trait from my dad but not for the tyrannical purposes he uses it. I aim to win the argument and you will never find a solution unless
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