Roxy Dom

Roxy has written an article about her work for Erika Lust, one of the leading sex-positive, ethical, indie porn-producers.

“I was seeking something on this wild journey. A journey that took me from teaching yoga to escorting, from gang bangs on beaches in Thailand to working as a dominatrix in London. This journey led me to tantra workshops and polyamory, then to complete celibacy and back again. Along the way, I found something that I call tantric domination. That’s when I stopped searching.”

Everything in the world is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power.” - Oscar Wilde


As dominant, explorative and sadistic as I am – I am a loving and caring woman, which means that you can expect to be wholeheartedly looked after and truthfully loved every second of our sessions. I include energy work (tantra) and mindful exercises while I dominate you, which makes our play sensual, passionate and intimate. Even if tantric exercises like simultaneous breathing and eye contact are forced, they will bond us on more than on a physical level. you can decide if you want our sessions to be focussed on domination or energy work.

What I do:


Anal Play
Adult Baby
Ball Separation
Beating (Batton)
Breath Play
Dog Training
Domestic Slavery
Double Domme
Face Slapping
Fetish Events
Foot Fetish


Breath work
Tantric body massage with essential oils
Eye gazing

What I don't do:

Penetrative and oral sex, racial abuse

Take me out and talk to me about your desires, ask me questions and have a deep and really open, honest conversation:

I am available for lunch or dinner dates, fetish parties and other special events you’d like to take me to. please note, this is not an escort service – I do not offer sexual experiences.

All sessions are $400 per hour.

Sex is most often about power but if we truly look a little deeper we shall find out that everything in this world really comes down to power and eventually is about domination and submission. Whether this power is conscious and its force deliberate or aware or whether it is a by-product of situational energy dynamics, remains undecided and would have to be carefully analysed. I was, however, always interested in those power dynamics especially between human beings and started exploring power play a few years ago.Thats when i discovered my dominant side. A few months ago i finally decided to follow this deep desire and love for domination and i became a dominatrix.

The thing that seperates me from most doms is that i am a yoga teacher and tantra practitioner as well, which means that i look at power from a far deeper perspective. I am interested in the psychology behind it, but am also aware of energies and therefore conduct my sessions in a rather mindful and conscious way.

When studying yoga and tantra and exploring the characteristics of male and female energies, I have come to realise that men need the feeling of power to be in the centre of their masculinity. We call this powerful masculine energy shiva. Just as women need to feel both sexy and need to live out their caring and nurturing side. Adi shakti.

When using this knowledge to analyse men and their behaviour, i realised that theres different ways for men to gain power.

One approach is rather primal and unfortunately often harmful to others. It is when men exert their power and strength over other physically weaker beings. Its very common, you can see it everywhere in form of physical abuse, rape, animal cruelty, and even common especially animalistic sex has that power dynamic. The dick enters the vagina in a rather forceful way and most often the woman gives in to the movement and by that energetical force of the man and submits. Its simple physics but its also a 5000 year old tradition that can teach us a lot.

The other way for men to feel powerful, and therefore be in the centre of their masculine energy is a lot more evolved and mindful. It is when man gains power over his own mind, needs and emotions. In the tantric philosophy as well as in the studies of the male brain and hormones male characteristics are described as logical, grounded, one-directional, problem-solving. The evolved yet dominant man takes these to an extend that they make him feel so secure, needed, manly and powerful that he doesn’t need to physically control others. He understands that mind stands above body and for him the first way to gain power is actually a weakness.

It’s exactly then, when I realised that men that go to dominatrixes give the physical power away and by that force themselves to gain power over their own minds. They force themselves to have pain, be belittled and humiliated or feel jealousy. They force themselves to not even react.

So, there is no voluntarily submission without absolute control and power over that person’s own mind and emotions.

The question now is, what are you and if you don’t know – would you like to explore?

I believe it is important for everyone’s development to explore both domination and submission extensively. So, shall we?

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