Who's dat gurl? The humans and the canine behind Roxysdream...

Roxy is an artist, writer, lover, hedonist,
mother to Minnie and the founder and owner of ROXY’S
DREAM. Together with a handful of intergalactic siblings
and soul mates she created this world for you to enjoy,
experience and elevate.

Until settling in London to put all her sexual energy into creative purposes, she explored the world and has lived many different lives with Minnie (aka Foxy) being her loyal partner for the past 6 years.

Her journey started 10 years ago, when she quit law school to move to an island in Thailand called Koh Phangan, where she explored a world of Yoga and Meditation combined with a hippie and tantra culture of excessive sexual exploration combined with a lot of, mainly hallucinogenic, drugs.

It became very clear very quickly that Yoga would be a main part of her life, which is why she became a Yoga Teacher and started teaching in many schools – first all over the island and later all over the world.

The thirst to always experience new things brought her to live in Morocco, where she gave Yoga Retreats and South Africa, where she studied Human Kinetics and Ergonomics and Psychology. But it mainly made her do wilder things, like buying an old fire engine and travelling through Europe with it or buying a 40 year old 5 Tonne Mercedes Truck to take it from Laos to her beloved island Koh Phangan. Roxy has always been different. she loves the extreme and she loves to provoke people in a way that challenges their belief systems. Having been interested in human nature and psychology from a young age, she understood the capability and also limitations of the human mind to build an own opinion and live a liberated life. Which is exactly why she made the decision to try to have an impact on those seeking a more satisfied life of ecstasy and freedom.

Roxysdream began, when she moved to London and decided to write all her stories down and share the wisdom that can be learned from every single experience. While living in London and later in New York she has learned to express her sexuality through Burlesque and pole dance, made money through escorting, became a dominatrix, started making amateur and artistic, sensual porn and decided to dedicate her life to sex education. Roxysdream became a brand that now stands for free expression of anything related to sex. It stands for non-judgemental analysis of one’s own desires and behaviours and it stands for creating a more female-empowering sex- and porn industry. Roxysdream wants to eliminate any toxic or damaging feelings between women and men and everyone in-between by understanding and accepting our differences rather than judging or demonising them. Roxy understands men in a way, not many women do and she uses this skill to bring compassion and empathy to the world and us, humans, closer together.